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by Brothers Air Conditioning & Heating is the leading Air Conditioning business in Apache County. We offer the greatest trained Apache County Air Conditioners, the best and quickest service, and the highest level of customer service.

Each of our Apache County Air Conditioners has completed a detailed and highest certified training in the Air Conditioning business. Guaranteeing that every Air Conditioner scheduled for the job has the knowhow and training of the certified staff. Our goal is to have each customer satisfied regardless what issue is waiting for the Apache County Air Conditioner, and that every time the problem is resolved. .

As a result of the certified training needed to elevate to the level that Apache County Air Conditioning by Brothers Air Conditioning & Heating demands of our Air Conditioners, our Air Conditioners have more knowledge and expertese than many other Air Conditioners a person could have to house. This prepares the Apache County Air Conditioner with the skill set necessary to make fast and simple solutions of complicated Air Conditioning jobs and save money.

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Services We Offer

Our Apache County Air Conditioning Services include the installation, repair, and replacement of:

Apache County AZ Central Air Conditioning Systems
Apache County AZ AC
Apache County AZ Heat Pumps
Apache County AZ Furnaces
Apache County AZ Heaters
Apache County AZ Swamp Coolers
Apache County AZ Evaps
Apache County AZ Gas Electric Water Heaters
Apache County AZ Garbage Disposal Deposers
Apache County AZ Faucets
Apache County AZ Sinks
Apache County AZ Tubs
Apache County AZ Toilets
Apache County AZ Showers
Apache County AZ Kitchen Bath
Apache County AZ Water Mains
Apache County AZ Valves
Apache County AZ Hose Bibs
Apache County AZ Re-Pipes
Apache County AZ Sewer Drains
Apache County AZ Water Pipe Leaks

Here's A Quick For Apache County AZ Air Conditoners that Produce No Flow:
You would be amazed as to how many calls end up being a dirty filter to the AC unit. Apache County Az AC problems range from clogged coils as a result of dirty filters.

Dirty Apache County Az Coils to Air conditioning units are usually the result of not changing the AC filter monthly.

Solution: Create an AC Schedule

Each month for your Apache County Az AC unit, schedule a monthly filter change to preven noise occurs when you turn off the water at a faucet or an appliance quickly. The water flowing through the pipes slams to a stop, causing a hammering noise.

Check for:
Dirty AC Filter, No Flow, Warm Air/

Incorrect Split Temprature
The Temp going in and the temp coming out of your vent should be a 20 degree difference.

To check the temp use a thermomter to check the proper setting. (you can call in a Air Conditioner to do the work if this is a job you don't want to do yourself).

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